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We are into Paper cup industry since 1999, manufacture & supply of paper cup forming machine, Printing and die cutting machine for paper cup industry,We also do lamination on paper boards and on the same board we do printing and cut to different size of paper cup. I hope We may be the first paper cup supplier in south India, by the time the market share of paper cup manufacturing is very low, after 15 years we understand one day paper cup will not be in market because the volume of paper cup production is high,

                We started doing innovation idea and we worked with so many country people and finally finished the best quality bio degradable product after 5 years.

                These 5 years we did so much of investment for research and development with hard work 

We finally made it success

What we do?

Owing to the present world requirement of saving the planet, restaurants must change their strategies. The tips mentioned above are some of the vital points that would help you to become an environmental-friendly restaurant. We have a bulk positive reviews from the customers and making ourselves motivated to grab opportunity throughout the world. Biodegradable Cups Are Eco-Friendly To safeguard our planet, it is shrewd to utilize biodegradable cups or plates, or anything recyclable that would assist us with sparing our planet. Ecologically cognizant individuals regularly use paper cups in their homes facilitating gatherings or some other sort of occasion.

Our invention of this disposable is full filling the following.
☑ The user must be healthy by using disposable
☑ The first time disposable with so many colours
☑ The product don’t need to be recycled so recycle cost and time is eliminated
☑ This is a zero waste products The product is earth friendly and bio degradable and will not change the soil property.
☑ The product is again useful to feed the cattle feed.
☑ The product is water soluble and water animals also can eat this.
☑ This product is safe to user, safe to the earth, safe to water bodies, can be reused as cattle feed or compost so this is a 100% used disposable.

We have 2 ranges of products

☑  Hot and cold without liquids

☑  Hot and cold with liquids

Quality of production

We are working with following quality regulation authorities


ISO 22000



Shree vignesh Scoring Works
Address : Door No:41, Street No:9 Tatabad, Coimbatore 641012


Founder & Ceo
Siva chettiappan.M

Co founder


Founder & Ceo
Siva chettiappan.M

Co founder



+44 7459 871416



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